Wellston, Missouri


Wellston Choice Neighborhoods Transformation Plan

In December of 2013, St. Louis County, RHCDA, and H3 Studio were awarded a Choice Neighborhoods Planning Grant for the North Wellston Transformation Plan, which was one of nine Communities from across the nation to recieve funding from the $4M FY2013 HUD grants. The Choice Neighborhoods program supports locally driven strategies to address struggling neighborhoods with distressed public or HUD-assisted housing through a comprehensive approach to neighborhood transformation. Local leaders, residents, and stakeholders, such as public housing authorities, cities, schools, police, business owners, nonprofits, and private developers, come together to create and implement a plan that transforms distressed HUD housing and addresses the challenges in the surrounding neighborhood. 

The project will be divided into a three (3) phased planning process, centered on a series of inclusive resident and community meetings and a design charrette. In general the intent of each of these phases are as follows: (1) Phase One: develop a thorough understanding of the overall contextual environment the residential living conditions, and social context for the project through a series of visual and physical assessments & analysis, and dedicated resident and community group meetings; followed by (2) Phase Two: develop a series of alternate options or futures (for the housing and neighborhood with the residents and community through an on-site, open and inclusive week-long charrette; and completed by (3) Phase Three: develop a preferred fully integrated comprehensive Transformation Plan with supporting financial and social support programs, a comprehensive financial and management implementation plan; and an indicator monitoring system program, as well as the necessary planning document to support the plan moving forward.


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