St. Louis, Missouri


Weil Loft

A small part of a total rehabilitation of the Chase Park Plaza, a historic and iconic Saint Louis high-rise facing Forest Park, this project combines typical constraints with the added complexities of designing a custom home for a couple with an extensive modern art collection. The asymmetrical U-shaped plan takes advantage of the concrete superstructure, providing wide-open and freely flowing spaces and visual continuity to the exterior along several key axes, which frame the city’s context while also creating internal “slipping spaces,” where the guest’s views shift from sky to wall to art. Walls are formed to maximize space for art by pulling service and functional elements to the interior, enhancing the 270 degree experience of windows, all while walking a delicate balance between sensitive artwork and abundant natural light. Volumes span two floors, resulting in transparency. The stair, an organizing and artistic component of the loft, is freed from the low-ceilinged structure and is the welcoming core of the home. Interior finishes are scrupulously detailed for minimum distraction from the displayed works and furnishings, while built elements such as the stair and kitchen showcase the commitment of the owner to fine design and craftsmanship.

The wraparound plan has views beginning in the east, at the Arch, and sweeping north and west through the skyline of Clayton to the restored beauty of Forest Park. The east west city axis is emphasized in the open spaces and interior connections.

The interior finishes and fittings are scrupulously detailed to provide a minimum of distraction from the displayed works and furnishings, and elements such as the stairs and cabinetry showcase the owner’s commitment to fine design and craftsmanship. The staircase was fabricated locally and required extensive engineering and exhaustive research to create a form that remains transparent while acting as a central sculptural component of the space.


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