Tim Busse, aia

Director of Architecture

H3 Studio Director of Architecture Tim Busse, AIA (Project Manager) has actively reviewed hundreds of applications and recommended design improvements in his role as Town Architect of the New Town at St. Charles. This review process has ensured that new development, building occupancy, and tenant build-outs in New Town conform with the original vision of New Town as a mixed use, mixed income community. Tim has worked with City of St. Charles Planning Staff to make sure that the intent of New Town’s form-based code is met. As Town Architect, Tim has spoken before the St. Charles City Council and many other groups on matters ranging from revision of the New Town Noise Ordinance to support of changes to existing plat maps. When conflicts between applicants and the Communities governance structure have occurred, Tim has worked to successfully mediate the dispute to reach consensus, allowing the best outcome for all concerned stakeholders.

As a Licensed Missouri Architect for 20 years, Tim has also been Architect of Record for several thousand buildings throughout the St. Louis region, ranging from golf course clubhouses and commercial & community buildings to tenant finish plans and a wide range of private homes. This experience makes Tim is uniquely qualified to review construction plans and specifications on a wide range of project types and provide plan review comments. In the past Tim has also served on the St. Louis Home Builders Association’s Codes Advisory Committee, working to mediate between changes in municipal building code changes and the interests of the home building community.

Tim was integral in organizing the original town planning Charrette for the New Town at St. Charles with Duany, Plater-Zyberk & Company in February of 2003, led community design workshops focusing on the architecture & urban design and led planning workshop for the Plaza at Noah’s Ark (later to become The Streets of St. Charles at Fifth Street and Interstate 70 in St. Charles) and the New Town at Harmony in Independence, Missouri.

He has traveled extensively to study both historical & New Urbanist communities and attends many development-related events annually. He has been invited as a speaker for dozens of community and professional groups interested in the successes of the New Town at St. Charles throughout the county. Tim has been with Whittaker Homes since 1994, serving as Senior Vice President & Director of Architecture since 1999. Tim received his Bachelor of Architecture from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

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San Diego, California

California Polytechnic State University,
San Luis Obispo