Baytown, Texas


Texas Avenue

The Baytown Design Guidelines are intended to be used as a guide for the future development of properties along Texas Avenue and within the Downtown Area One District. The revitalization of historic commercial areas on Texas Avenue are created by developing a unique and identifiable district-a place based upon the area’s existing strengths and opportunities, and supported with interesting and viable local, regional and national retail stores that are responsive and attractive to the market. The design guidelines for Texas Avenue include: street design; street lighting; landscaping & open space; street furniture; off-street parking; bicycle lanes; gateways, public art & special events; signage; commercial Facade Improvements; storefront design; new construction; building use; and sustainable redevelopment. The design guidelines ensure appropriate reinvestment and new development occurs in the identified district in a manner consistent with the master plan.

The focus of the plan is to develop and maintain a strong core of businesses in the Downtown that will attract people to the City of Baytown. The framework plan is grounded in the proven premise that livability is imperative to Downtown’s economic health.


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