H3 Studio is committed to sustainability through the creation of healthy, holistic, and humane communities, environments, and buildings. Our working style is oriented around collaboration and interaction; reflecting the importance of design and planning being a civic endeavor whether working at the scale of the master plan, building, or particular landscape. H3 Studio takes a broad approach to sustainability and understands the varied ways in which communities view and define sustainability. We combine years of national and global research on sustainability concepts, methodologies, and best practices with local knowledge and understanding to bring fresh and innovative perspectives to communities. We believe that sustainability is multifaceted and our design approach seeks to integrate social, environmental, and economic systems to achieve triple bottom line successes. 

Our work continues to showcase our commitment to urban sustainability. H3 Studio participated in and helped complete the first Regional Sustainability Plan for St. Louis; the first City-Wide Sustainability Plan for the City of St. Louis; and the first HUD-DOT-EPA Neighborhood Sustainability Plan for the St. Louis region, in the Parkview Neighborhood. We led a five-year effort on resilience and post-disaster planning, design and development of Post-Katrina New Orleans. We have continued this dedication to creating sustainable and resilient communities along the Mississippi River with the Workshop Misi-Ziibi: Living with the Great Rivers and our participation in the Changing Course Competition to reimagine the future of the lower Mississippi River Delta.

H3 Studio values and supports the efforts of employees who choose to volunteer their time to support schools, communities, environment, citizens, emergency services, and non-profit organizations; employees are not required to use their personal leave time in order to volunteer. H3 Studio is officially a participant in the one-percent solution and encourages office wide participation. The 1% Program is focused on professionalizing pro-bono design work of public architecture; it connects nonprofit organizations in need of design assistance with architecture and design firms willing to donate their time on a pro-bono basis.