H3 Studio provides a broad range of planning, design and engagement services to private, public, and non-profit clients. We pride ourselves on being flexible, accommodating, and innovative within our expertise areas. Scroll down for detailed descriptions and examples of our work. Our services include:

Urbanism, Architecture, Landscape, Sustainability, Codes, & Engagement





Riverfront Planning & Design
Downtown Revitalization
Neighborhood Revitalization
Hazard, Mitigation & Recovery Plans
Transit-Oriented Development Plans
Area Redevelopment Plans
Public Space Design
Streetscape Design & Planning
Great Streets|Complete Streets
Public Realm | Public Life Surveys

By planning, programming, and designing every aspect of urban environments, our Communities can provide the morphological platform for economic development, environmental stewardship, and social resilience. H3 Studio provides its clients with holistic planning & urban design solutions ranging from site development strategies and strategic plans to neighborhood plans and streetscape designs. We have worked with a number of diverse client-types, including:  institutions, municipalities, non-profits, and private clients. Our multidisciplinary approach to urban problems allows us to formulate a variety of solutions, which will support walkable communities, destination experience, and urban revitalization; while working across a broad range of scales anywhere from “a region” to “a street."   




Space & Site Planning
Site Development
Building Programming
Conceptual Design
Schematic Design
Design Development
Construction Documents
Construction Administration

At the micro-scale of design, each interior and building project has the intrinsic opportunity to build the character of place, increase the functional characteristics of our businesses and homes, and enhance the experiential qualities of the spaces in which we exist. H3 Studio provides its clients with comprehensive architectural design services including site planning, building programming, schematic design, design development, construction documents, and construction administration for a range of building needs. Great communities are built one building at a time, and high-quality places are created by considering every aspect of how we design each new building and interior to relate to the city and landscape.

Paramount Site Master Plan

Paramount Site Master Plan

Novi Housing Study




Regional Trail & Greenways
Parks & Open Space Plans
Neighborhood Parks
Bicycle & Pedestrian Plans
Park Master Plans
Conceptual Landscape Design
Schematic Design
Construction Documents
Site & Landscape Plans
Planting Plans

The natural landscape of our country is essential to the creation of value in our Communities, and imperative to “place-creation” in our cities and neighborhoods in the future. H3 Studio provides its clients with landscape planning and design solutions that foster healthy ecology, create self-sustaining environments, preserve natural resources, provide recreational and active amenities, and connect Community with the natural surroundings. We assert that great communities are founded on the integration of natural and man-made systems though the provision of high-quality parks, public spaces, greenways, and open spaces; and that quality of life is improved by healthy-active lifestyles fostered with walkable, bikeable, and transit-accessible connections to the landscape.

University City Bike Walk Master Plan

University City Bike Walk Master Plan




Regional Sustainability Plans
City | Municipal Sustainability Plans
Neighborhood Sustainability Plans
Sustainability Code Audits
Sustainability Toolboxes
Sustainable Design
Sustainable Landscapes

Sustainability should be defined by each Community in their own terms, and can be considered across every scale from site to region. Comprehensive sustainability planning can be defined as the integration of social, economic, and environmental strategies which will form whole communities, and foster long-term resilience. H3 Studio provides its clients with fully-integrated sustainability solutions ranging from bioswale design and community tool kits to regional plans and code audits. Sustainability is critical to all of the services we provide, and we believe that triple-bottom-line thinking is essential to the future of our planet.




Municipal Code Audits
Form-Based Codes
Form-Based Districts
Smart Code & Smart Code Calibration
Unified Development Codes
Design Standards & Guidelines
Regulating Plans & Land Use Plans
Height & Bulk Studies
Design Standards
Building Envelope Standards
Building Development Standards
Architectural Standards

Codes are the future of responsible land development regulation, the premier tool for the implementation of “place-making” strategies, and the most effective means to holistically integrate the design of streets, public spaces, and new development. H3 Studio provides its clients with high-quality codes that are grounded in the community’s vision, structured to the legal requirements of the municipality, and constructed specifically to match the unique qualities and character of the place. The long-term sustainability of our communities depends upon the establishment of vibrant downtowns; commercial districts; streetscapes, and neighborhoods; and codes that provides the ideal mechanism for implementation. 

ransportation & Growth Management Plan & Regulatory Code

ransportation & Growth Management Plan & Regulatory Code

Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Plan & Development Code

Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood Plan & Development Code




Public Speaking
Neighborhood Events
Walking & Biking Tours
Workshop Design & Organization
Stakeholder Interviews
Focus Groups
Public Life Surveys

In every Community that we work with, we see a different story, history, and character. The issues they face and the opportunities inherent to that community provide a different context for engagement. We believe that strong communities are built on strong engagement; and that people ultimately create their own community. H3 Studio provides its clients with a multitude of engagement and planning processes, which can be tailored to the individual needs of the community, and the goals of the community leadership. We have conducted hundreds of planning processes, which include: public meetings, stakeholder interviews, walk audits, focus groups, steering committees, and charrettes. Every project that we complete has some component of engagement, and we believe that our most successful efforts are driven by the citizens and residents of the Community in which we are working.