Pagedale & Wellston, Missouri



Rock Road Station Preliminary Transit-Oriented Development Study

Working with Beyond Housing in Pagedale, H3 Studio (as a sub-consultant to Development Strategies) assisted in preliminary development plan for area surrounding the Pagedale-St. Charles Rock Road Metrolink Station. The project focuses on the immediately adjacent properties which will be utilized to create a mixed-use development with a focus on residential, for-sale residential and retail opportunities. The plan is designed to capitalize on the project’s proximity to the MetroLink system b providing residential opportunities that allow residents to dramatically reduce personal transportation expenses. Accordingly, transportation is a necessity for the populations immediately surrounding this station, and there are currently many under utilized parcels of land which could  be used for mixed-use and transit-oriented development. 

The components of the plan include a residential market analysis, a review of retail and business service opportunities, preliminary assessment of the existing infrastructure and environment, and a series of site plans, concept drawings, and a final development plan. H3 Studio’s primary role with the project was to investigate a series of development plan/site plan and land use options for the area to help understand the bulk and form of the new development surrounding the station, and ensure that the future development form will create a walkable and pedestrian friendly, mixed-use, transit-oriented environment for the neighborhood. 

The final plan alternates and development program(s) will be utilized by Beyond Housing to continue the discussion of the highest, and best uses for the land to further develop consensus among residents for the vision for future transit-oriented development. Additionally, the plans will be utilized in the development of a form-based code for the station area. 


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