University City, Missouri


Parkview Gardens Neighborhood
Sustainable Development Plan

The Parkview Gardens Sustainable Neighborhood Development Plan is based in extensive research, measurement, and quantification in order to achieve triple-bottom-line sustainability that is tailored to the community’s specific desires. It operates at the neighborhood scale, often considered the most effective scale for fostering an engaged, healthy, prosperous, and livable community. As the first comprehensive sustainable neighborhood plan in the St. Louis region, the Parkview Gardens Neighborhood Sustainable Development Plan relies on intensive community input, in-depth triple-bottom-line research, and careful economic studies to determine the best and most useful recommendations to move this unique historic neighborhood toward long-term sustainability.

The Plan is comprised of both physical neighborhood improvement projects—new development, parks, streetscapes, transit and accessibility enhancements, and high-performance green infrastructure—as well as a range of operational policies, programs, and partnerships. Innovations such as energy, water, and food leverage each other to increase the intensity of sustainable outcomes and create vested interest among residents, businesses, and visitors. Extensive public outreach helped educate the community on neighborhood sustainability and multiple forums allowed residents and stakeholders to have direct input on proposed strategies.

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