New Orleans, Louisiana


Oretha Castle Haley Corridor Urban Design Plan

In addition to the neighborhood plan, the design team and residents developed a community vision for the Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard/Dryades Street Corridor. Arguably Central City’s most poignant cultural attraction, the corridor was the center of the New Orleans civil rights movement and historically a beacon of African American commerce. Of late, the corridor has fallen into disrepair.

The vision for O.C. Haley Boulevard states: “The community’s vision for Oretha Castle Haley Boulevard is that of a nationally- significant cultural arts corridor that builds upon its African American history and emerging Latin culture to become the Central City destination for community gatherings, progressive cultural dialogue and daily life.”

The urban design plan integrates streetscape improvements with new public spaces, improved lighting, and revitalized civic and arts destinations to create a vibrant and safe street as a mixed-use daily destination. The vision and phased implementation strategy assist in the marketing efforts of the corridor and target future investment in a meaningful and impactful manner.

O.C. Haley Corridor Vision

ART Elements: YMCA, ASHE, Civic Space, Cooperative Studios (Artist-in-Residence), Wall Murals, Sculpture Walk, Vacant Lots: Off-street Art Installations (temporary and permanent)

ACTIVISM Elements: Library, YMCA, MLK Memorial, Speakers Plaza, State Civil Rights Institute, Freedom Wall , Vacant Lots: Parking

AGRICULTURE Elements: Emeril Garden, YMCA, Orchards, Raingardens, Ethnobotany, Edible Streetscape, Green Walls, Vacant Lots: Orchards, Community Gardens


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