New Orleans, Louisiana


New Orleans Central City Development Framework

From its earliest beginnings in the 19th century, Central City New Orleans has long been viewed as the mecca of New Orleans’ African American commercial, social, cultural and political life. This vibrant neighborhood has been intentional in affirming and celebrating the spirit and rhythm of its African, African American and Caribbean roots. Like many other urban centers in the US, Central City suffered decline and disinvestment in the 1970s and 1980s, but over the 1990s—with the strengthening of several grassroots organizations and concerted planning efforts—the community began to reemerge. The design team engaged residents, stakeholders, and the public at large to consolidate all current and proposed development projects into a single strategic development framework. It outlines a contextually specific and economically viable strategy for community recovery.

The Central City Development Framework Plan addresses housing & ownership; crime & cleanliness; lack of street life; parking & access; environmental & landscape conditions; economic & social diversity; and schools & cultural opportunities. The detailed land-use and implementation strategies outline the step-by-step, holistic revitalization of a place that has long been one of New Orleans most significant, but economically challenged communities. 


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