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Urban Design

Misi-Ziibi: Living with the Great Rivers


In the United States’ Midwest, the 2011 floods and tornados, followed by the 2012 drought, and once again followed by the 2013 floods and tornados; demonstrate that increased climate variability and weather extremes across the Mississippi/Missouri river basins are a fact for which we need to plan. Such diverse weather events have direct impact on natural resources, economies and communities.

MISI-ZIIBI: Living with the Great Rivers was the first in a series of multi-disciplinary workshops that investigated spatial design strategies by studying innovative, integrated approaches for climate adaptation along the Mississippi, Missouri and Illinois Rivers in the Midwest. Focusing on the St. Louis Bi-State region, the first workshop outcomes were a broad-based set of proto-typological, multi-scaled planning scenarios worthy of more detailed study and intended to be transferable to other Midwestern city regions.

The Royal Netherlands Embassy, Washington D.C. co-sponsored the workshop with the Sam Fox School of Design & Visual Arts at Washington University in St. Louis. It brought to the Midwest experts from The Netherlands’ current “Room for the River” and local and regional experts to build upon the wealth of existing efforts underway.


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