Year: Current


South of Downtown Revitalization Plan


The objective of this project is to complete a Revitalization Plan for the South Downtown Area in the City of Lincoln, Nebraska. This area faces a broad spectrum of challenges at the physical, economic, and social levels; and the objective of this planning process is to work directly with members of the Community to formulate a vision for the area and provide a revitalization plan & implementation strategy for the neighborhood which will facilitate long-term social, economic, and environmental sustainability. The Study Area for the South Downtown Revitalization Plan represents the roughly four hundred (400) acre area generally bound on the north by O Street, on the east by 17th Street, on the south by A Street, and on the west by 6th Street and 8th Street; and contains all of the streets, lots, and open spaces located within that boundary.

The Plan is a visionary document that expresses the aspirations of several different people within South Downtown. The neighborhood’s vision and goals were formed and verified through a series of public meetings, presentations, stakeholder meetings, focus groups, roundtable discussions, committee meetings, City Council/Mayor Meetings, MindMixer Survey, Newsletters, flyers, articles, email blasts, and Facebook (documented in full in Appendices). The plan addresses the future development of South Downtown through the lenses of social, economic and physical revitalization.

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