Festus, MO

Comprehensive Planning

Festus Comprehensive Plan Update


This H3 Studio Team has also been selected by the City of Festus, Missouri to complete an update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. The H3 Studio Team completed the OneSTL Pilot Study Review of the Comprehensive Plan & Municipal Codes completed for the City of Festus in 2013. Though this process, the Festus community identified a number priority issues to address. There is a perceived lack of public participation in local government, and a perceived lack of government responsiveness to citizen input. Festus’ dramatic topography, landscape, and rocky soil limit developable land area and expansion opportunities. While Festus parks are well-maintained and offer a good variety of amenities, there is a perception that the parks could be better utilized and serve as a regional attraction and amenity if Festus had a city-wide parks, open space, and recreation master plan. Finally, the retail and economic conditions are recognized as a barrier to the community’s long-term sustainability. First, Festus’ economy is based almost entirely on retail and the city lacks  a diversified tax base.

The multi-disciplinary team of H3 Studio, Lochmueller Group, and Urban Advisors will be critical to guiding City leadership and community residents through an update to the comprehensive plan that considers the role of this plan in building a more sustainable future for Festus. As part of this contract, the H3 Studio Team will also be conducting a detailed regulatory code analysis of Creve Coeur’s zoning and subdivision codes, as well as developing form-based code recommendations and design guidelines.

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