Omaha, Nebraska


Omaha Federal District Neighborhood
Housing & Development Study

This plan explores the opportunities for a declining area between Downtown Omaha and Midtown Crossing. The Park East neighborhood is disconnected, home to only a very few residential buildings, low-quality commercial buildings and strip malls, and also a number of the city’s important institutions including the Omaha Federal Reserve Building, the Joslyn Art Museum, the Rose Children’s Theatre, the Scoular Buildings, and Central High School. This plan articulates the vision developed through stakeholder engagement and a public planning process. It is based on a series of key catalytic projects, private development and redevelopment opportunities, new public spaces, and essential public realm improvements necessary to establish an identity, capture new growth, and provide a safe, vibrant, and pedestrian-friendly environment for future housing, services, and civic amenities. The key concepts include a new main street and central spine on Farnam Street; a new north/south connector street and adjacent public squares and open spaces. By forming the neighborhood around this new public space network and leveraging the opportunities for new enhanced transit, a new “heart of the community” is created.

Key principles address the following:
Civic Space and the Public Realm:
Strong North/South pedestrian connectionStreetscape improvements
Pedestrian friendly street
New Centralized Space

Connections & Accessibility:
Farnam as the main street
Conversion of one way streets
Safe connection across 20th street
Bike lanes on Harney Avenue
Reconfigure 25th Avenue

District Scale & Urban Form:
Dense development along Farnam
Medium scale development in district
3 - 5 stories with centralized parking
2 - 3 story infill

Development and Land Uses:
Mixed-use along Farnam
Capitalize on institutions on 20th street
Residential throughout northern 2 blocks


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