A core value of H3 Studio’s planning methodology is community engagement. Our planning methodology has gained a strong reputation for its public engagement and educational planning processes as well as its public workshops and community design charrettes. Our process includes interaction with all types of stakeholder groups including the public at-large, community organizations, county and municipal governments, local developers, and individual citizens via focus group work sessions, public meetings, and formal reviews. This approach has proven effective in planning processes where establishing consensus is critical. We utilize the commitment and insight of a well-informed and engaged citizens intimately connected to the future well-being of community members. It is critical that they be involved because it is their expertise, guidance, enthusiasm, and investment in the plan that will ultimately ensure the long-term success of the project. 

We believe that the public planning and charrette process builds trust and credibility; it ensures that all affected parties are engage in public decision making processes. John Hoal is a Certified Charrette Practitioner with the National Charrette Institute and has authored, managed, and facilitated over two hundred public meetings, workshops, and charrettes. We bring the core values of integrity, openness, clarity, and transparency to the public planning process. 

Our staff is invested in the communities we live and work in and act as active members of these communities, serving on local committees and leading neighborhood projects and events. 

H3 Studio is committed to involvement in our local and national planning professional groups. In 2014, we sponsored the Missouri State American Planning Association Conference and have led educational and information sessions at the Missouri State APA Conference for the past 5 years. Our staff attends numerous local planning and development events through the Urban Land Institute and local planning agencies.