St. Louis, Missouri

Urbanism, Codes

Downtown St. Louis Form Based District

Since late 2012, H3 Studio has been working with the Partnership for Downtown St. Louis to develop a form-based district for the Central Business District in Downtown. St. Louis. The impetus for this project is primarily being driven by the fact that many of the historic buildings in the Downtown area which had previously utilized state historic tax credits for renovations are in the process of coming off of the tax abatement period. When combined with the fact that many of the properties are not located within formal historic districts, this means that the owners of these properties can adjust or modify buildings without any regulations for the protection of the character of the area. 

The goal of the Central Business District is to develop a singular form-based district document which will regulate the building form and provide standards for new construction, additions, and renovations within the Downtown Core. H3 Studio is currently in the process of reviewing all of the existing applicable City ordinances in order develop a singular guiding tool for the area. For this, H3 Studio was contracted to conduct a open-public planning process and series of meetings with an Advisory Committee; as well as, work closely with the City of St. Louis, the Technical Committee, and the City Attorneys to ensure that the district is correct per enabling legislation, and legally sound per the municipal code of the City of St. Louis. H3 Studio has also been contracted to conduct a public space / public life survey for Downtown St. Louis, to ensure that the form-based regulations and ordinances are in correlation with the activity, uses, and circulation currently within the Downtown area. This Code will result in a regulating plan, building envelope standards, building development standards, and use tables. When adopted as an ordinance in the summer of 2014, this will be the second form-based code in the City of St. Louis ,and the first code within the Downtown area. 


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