Creve Coeur, MO

Comprehensive Planning

Creve Coeur Comprehensive Plan Update


This H3 Studio Team has recently been contracted by the City of Creve Coeur, Missouri to complete an update of the City’s Comprehensive Plan. Like many great Communities in our Region, the City of Creve Coeur was fully built out on suburban ideals—dominated by large commercial arterial streets, closed residential subdivisions, and lack of identifiable center. However, unlike many of its’ counterparts, the City has exceptional institutions, a progressive biking Community, lots of jobs, and increasing opportunity for redevelopment. 

The goals and priorities set forth in your existing Comprehensive Plan—many of which have been accomplished and others that still apply today—have served the City of Creve Coeur well. H3 Studio is currently leading the City through an update to the comprehensive plan that considers the role of this plan in building a more sustainable future for Creve Coeur. The multi-disciplinary team of H3 Studio, Lochmueller Group, and Urban Advisors is critical in guiding City leadership and community residents to:

  • Re-engage the public in a discussion to define “sustainability” on their own terms, 
  • Restructure & expand the plan elements on those terms, 
  • Align priorities with all of the new opportunities & challenges in the Community, and 
  • Identify, formulate & update the essential tools for implementation.

As part of this contract, the H3 Studio Team will also be conducting a detailed regulatory code analysis of Creve Coeur’s zoning and subdivision codes, as well as developing form-based code recommendations and design guidelines.


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