St. Louis, Missouri


Chouteau Park

Chouteau Park is a 2.5 acre park developed by the City of St. Louis as part of the revitalization of the Forest Park Southeast Neighborhood. Chouteau Park is designed to be a multi-purpose, multi-generational, signature neighborhood park and is comprised of a variety of spaces and landscapes to accommodate active recreation, organized athletics, passive recreation, fitness activities, and varying scales of community gatherings, as well as the potential for revenue-generating programs like leasable pavilion space and a park café. It includes an adventure playground consisting of climbing rocks, sand pits, climbing structures, slides, a lookout tower, and two spray fountains; multi-purposed recreational field; passive parklands; tree groves; a dog park; and community gathering space - folded into a signature, sculptural landform that defines and activates the program. The dramatic topography - the site slopes upward from west to east by approximately 13 feet - accommodates sustainable landscape and water management strategies. The park serves as a vibrant, multi-use, and multi-generational destination for a diverse community and growing destination neighborhood in St. Louis.


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