New York, New York



The project is a national icon for the masses of immigrants who have passed through the various gateways into this country, and as a result, extended the traditional and historic family relationships into a global network of ethereal relationships. The project embodies ideas of a network of relationships as well as establishing a place in which immigrants can locate their mark – their name – to become visible. Names are inscribed on the partially submerged, glowing, “memory walkways” leading to “memory boxes.” The design pays homage to immigration through axial relationships to historic immigration sites in the vicinity; the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island, and the terminal across the water in New Jersey. The nature of immigration is for people to metaphorically move from the condition of invisibility to visibility. Thus, the exterior skin alters the perception of the “memory tower” and “memory boxes” depending on the vantage point of the viewer within Lower Manhattan and Battery Park. Moving down Broadway, the tower appears solid. Closer to the tower, the structure of the building aligns more and more with the viewers’ field of vision and appears to become transparent.


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